Saturday, July 24, 2010

My New Love: Postcards

I ♥ postcards!

Spent whole morning hunting for postcards today. Erm... maybe I exaggerated a bit, actually I'd only spent like 15 minutes shopping for postcards at souvenir shops along Main Bazaar.

@ Main Bazaar... looks familiar?

I received my first 'direct swap' request on Postcrossing last week, asking for postcards that I have none in hand, plus it is about time I restock my postcards, that's why the hunt for them today.

Lucky me, mr.BF is free today, he drove me around shopping for postcards, mailing some of them at the post office and stopping by Philately Bureau to grab more stamps.

Unfortunately, I have gotten the ordinary boring birdie stamps again :(

With mr.BF's help, I managed to grab some non-ordinary postcards, map cards that look "serious" and some limited edition ones.

The result of my restocking today...

P/S: I spent nearly RM100 today on my new found hobby, expensive one, eh?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fat Cat

What have you in mind as you come across names such as "Fat Cat"? Yup, if you are truly Kuchingites, you would know what "Fat Cat" is. If you are not, you would have thought of my favourite cartoon character - GARFIELD. But you are wrong, tee-hee!

Fat Cat is a coffee shop located at Stutong, somewhere near Kuching Specialist Centre.

People comes here for laksa and also Heng Hua Pa Mee. Heng Hua is the name of an ethnic group from China, meaning Heng Hua Pa Mee is a type of traditional foody goody from this ethnic.

I am not going to feature Heng Hua Pa Mee in this post, though. It takes a while for the noodle to be served and since today is a working day, we ordered laksa instead. If I am not mistaken, the laksa stall is another branch of the one in Chong Choon coffee shop at Abell Road.

The delightful Fat Cat Laksa RM3.50 (a little too much MSG and it is on the oily side but the laksa is among the best in Kuching).

Here's the stall selling the above mentioned laksa. Special laksa comes with bigger prawns, and it is only RM1 difference. Hehe~

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kuching's Kueh Tiaw Tng

The best would be from Spring Delight Cafe. mr.BF likes to come here especially on Sunday morning that the taukenio seems to recognize him and knows his preference by now. mr.BF a supporter of this coffee shop?

Honestly I kinda like here too because of its cleanliness.

Located at BDC's one-storey shoplot.

Can you tell where's this? It is just right behind BDC's H&L and Everrise.

mr.BF's seafood kueh tiaw tng

Mine normal kueh tiaw tng. Personally, I think seafood kueh tiaw tng tasted better. Probably because of the fish :P

Look, the tauke (cook) prepare each bowl of the kueh tiaw tng one by one, separately! Sometimes you will have to wait for a while for yours to be served, but the wait is worth it and if you are early + lucky, you'll get to order their belacan fried chicken. Kinda nice too and sold out very quickly, so you need to be hurry... heehee~

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yung Kwang Coffee Shop

Located at Kenyalang Park. Familiar view isn't it?

@ Yung Kwang Coffee Shop...

To me, the chicken rice in the above image does not look inviting at all. But in real, it is very good including the soup and chili!

The portion is huge because mr.BF and I were sharing, so this plate of chicken rice is not the ordinary one that you would get when you eat there.

Also, they serve the best 3-Sour drink here! *slurps*

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Heritage Restaurant

What do you think is this?

One of the famous dish served here. Claimed by the restaurant to be 'high quality' one with no chemicals added. Soft and tender, if you know how to enjoy eating... sea cucumber!

This restaurant's popular signature dish are such as special fried long beans, mango duck meat, and another type of duck meat.

You could also bring your own fish/prawn/etc and the chef would prepare them to your preference. One word to describe the chef's cooking, PERFECT! ;)

Chong Choon Cafe

RM3.60 Cha Kueh at Chong Choon. Quite normal. Not-so-extraordinary.

There are very few people that makes good laksa, you know. This is one of the famous one in Kuching. Too bad, the MSG content is a bit on the high side.

For normal size laksa, it cost about RM4.50, larger bowl and prawn will cost you another 50 cents = RM5.00

All these, you could get them here... Chong Choon Cafe, Abell Road.

Quite difficult to get good parking place. If you park opposite, make sure you don't leave expensive goods in your car. That place is famous for car break-in.

Famous Sabahan Ice Cream

Honestly speaking, I have not heard of this so-called famous Sabahan ice-cream until mr.BF showed up at my house with two boxes of this. And frankly, I never like eating 'potong'. That's the common name of the ice-cream.

Super Ice Cream Potong... Funny name it has got, huh? I like the box that contained the ice cream. RM20 for a box of 12. Manufactured by Taluwang Sdn. Bhd. at Penampang, KK.

mr.BF got me my favourite mango flavour. But it is not as good as the other flavour such as avocado, red bean and according to mr.BF, durian too. Red bean is super yummy, and the texture is smooth and rich. Totally different from those found in Kuching.

Yum yum!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jacky Kolo Mee

mr.BF finally returned from his Sabah trip. We went to have breakfast at Jacky Kolo Mee this morning.

Jacky used to have his stall at a coffee shop at Sekama, behind the shoplot that has Fujisan Bakery and Kueh Hong Ann grocery shop.

Now he moved his stall to King Centre. His stall is located at the coffee shop just outside Smart supermarket.

The kolo mee is quite good, certain people likes it a lot, but is not to my liking...